To Become the light and the bridge for our client's successes

About Us

We provide tax, consulting and financial service to public and private clients spanning multiple industries. We do not make complex issues simple, but we make them understandable.

Good corporate governance is at the heart of what we stand for. We recognize we should always be accountable for our actions and must maintain our independence and objectivity. We are committed to promoting and embracing constructive reform and to helping clients follow good business practices, while increasing value for their stakeholders.

We are a team of professionals experienced in the field of accounting, system, taxation, and information technology that are ready to go out-of-the way to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients, and put our best and sincere effort in rendering our services.

Core values

Our increasingly complex environment makes it essential that we deliver clear value to our clients and stakeholders and continue to have clarity in our own values.

Our values define who we are, what we stand for and help create a sense of shared identity. They are our fundamental core beliefs that drive our behavior:

• Seeking the facts and providing insight

• Leading by example

• Being committed to our clients and communities

• Respecting the individual

• Communicating openly and honestly

• Acting with integrity

• Working together

Our lines of business

Individual client attention is a fundamental aspect of the professional services offered by us. While businesses in Indonesia may face a number of similar issues, the optimal solutions are not necessarily the same for each company or line of business. Our industry expertise provides many benefits to our clients’ lines of business,

which include:

• Automotive Products

• Banking

• Building and Construction

• Business Services

• Consumer Products

• Electronics

• Power Generation Company

• Financial Services

• Industrial Products

• Retail

• Transportation

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To Become the light and the bridge for our client's successes

Our Mission

To Give and to be the Best and Complete Solution for Our Client's accounting, system, information technology and taxation needs