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Our Services

We provide tax and Advisory services, individually or on a combined basis, delivering globally consistent multi-disciplinary skills and capabilities, based on extensive industry knowledge, to all of our national and international clients.

We respond to our clients’ complex business challenges with a global approach to services that spans industry sectors and national boundaries. Global capability and consistency are central to the way we work.


Taxation is a critical component of all business operations, and the taxation system in Indonesia provides many unique challenges. Failure to comply with often unclear laws and regulations can lead to significant time commitments, professional fees and tax penalties. Progressive and bottom line focused management has realized that taxes (direct and indirect, domestic and international), must be viewed as a dynamic item of cost, rather than a passive charge on profits. Effective tax cost management provides a distinct competitive advantage and requires the application of the appropriate tax strategies, proactively identified and surgically implemented.

An essential component in managing these costs is to retain business oriented professional advisors who understand tax governance, have specialized skills and deep industry knowledge, and can assist in developing and implementing tax strategies as well as systems to minimize tax risks.

Our approach to tax planning is multi-jurisdictional and encompasses the entire spectrum of direct, indirect and personal taxes. We,together with other member firm’s spread across the globe, provide quality business oriented national and international tax advice.

Our experienced tax professionals are drawn from a wide number of countries and backgrounds. Industry specialization, service line expertise and international exposure, together with continual advanced training, equips them to work with our clients and be their.

Professional tax advisors in a wide spectrum of business matters.

  • Assistance in various stages of tax dispute process including tax audit, tax objection, tax appeal, tax lawsuit and tax reconsideration.

  • Tax due diligence

  • Tax advisory service

  • Tax compliance

  • Transfer Pricing documentation

  • Other Tax service

management consulting

Improving business performance and making effective use of information technology are priorities that never go away. In fact, they go hand in hand because sustainable performance improvement depends on accurate and timely information to drive performance related decisions, unwind complexity, create structural change and provide a solid organizational foundation. All of which require a strategic, effective deployment of IT investments. As a result, today’s organizations continue to seek a greater connection and alignment among strategy, process and technology. This connectivity is essential to addressing such priorities as creating the right cost structure, improving business intelligence and insight, integrating business operations and managing risk. Our Management Consulting professionals combine specialized skills in finance, technology, operations, supply chain and human resources with strengths in IT strategy and planning, sourcing and shared services, business transformation enabled by technology, and business intelligence to help our clients on their key initiatives. We have a track record of success in helping clients through their critical business challenges, supported by the Firm’s deep industry knowledge and experience, the breadth of our Advisory services, access to Audit and Tax resources and the global footprint of our member firms.

Our services include:

• Strategy and business planning

• Managing large-scale transformation

• Change management

• Sourcing Advisory

IT Service

  • Networking

  • Implementation Accounting Software ( Autocount Software, Odoo, Open ERP and etc )

  • IT Consultant

  • IT strategy and performance

  • IT project advisory

  • ERP, consolidation and business intelligent advisory

  • Information protection & business resilience

Accounting Service

  • Preparation financial statements and financial reporting

  • Bookkeeping and accounting services

  • Recovery of accounting records

  • Consulting accounting service

  • Design accounting information systems

payroll Service

  • Preparation payroll service

  • Tax preparation on employee